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Asian Village Radio Show-episode 02

Episode 02 of the Asian Village Radio Show features a conversation with Ego Lemos, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and activist from Timor Leste. Ego talks about his early years learning and performing songs in the capital Dili and how his music, inspired by his people’s struggle for liberation and independence, strives to convey messages of hope and inspiration.  Two songs from Ego’s international debut album O’ Hele Le (skinnyfish music) is featured here .

Episode 02 also offers a sampling of struggle songs in the region by exiled Burmese journalist Ye Ni, Okinawan rock music icon Eiichi ‘Chibi’ Miyanaga, Cambodia’s all-female singing group, the Messenger Band, Indonesia’s living treasure Iwan Fals, and India’s well-respected Sumangala Damodaran.

A song from beyond our borders is likewise featured here with the performing group Patatag interpreting Pancho Lara’s Filipino adaptation of “A Desalambrar” by Daniel Viglietti of Uruguay.

Sabi Nila (What our listeners say)

Dear Koyang Jess and the Village Idiots (I hope I get the name of the band right),

I am totally impressed and moved by your efforts to share music as a form of social transformation. I was with you during the ACSC in April in Indonesia and since then I have been wanting to share your efforts to my colleagues here in the Philippines and in Asia. Hope to hear more from you and hope to meet you all again.

Musika tungo sa pagunawa at pagkakaisa…
Macel Aguilar