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Sandrayati Fay (Indonesia)

Born with Filipino/Irish-American roots and raised on the islands of Bali and Java in Indonesia, Sandrayati Fay is a performer, inviting you to experience a spirited journey in the language of her truth, traveling beyond boundaries through music. The pure nature of her songs are captivating stories that spiral around identity, environmental and human rights, and love – expressed by the ethereal texture of her voice shifting between languages, and her intimate guitar playing.

After studying theatre at Emerson College and vocal performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, Sandrayati has rooted back in Indonesia and in the past year has performed and collaborated with Indonesian legend musicians and activists Iwan Fals and Sawung Jabo and balinese bands Nosstress, Superman is Dead and Navicula as well as weaving her own music alive in her solo songwriting and performing. Sandrayati just released a Live EP, recorded in one day, called ‘Bahasa Hati’, ‘the Language of the Heart’. A total of 9 tracks, 6 songs with 3 tracks of poems and sounds of nature. Performing with raw honesty, Sandrayati is known to immerse her audience in a state that is both healing and empowering – leaving time standing still and hearts hanging by a thread. Just as the Moon sways the tide, Sandrayati sways her audience with her repertoire of sounds, allowing them to discover the depths of their own oceans; creating a transformational and soul-filling experience

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